Meeting Minutes

Notice of meeting:  November 26th, 2019
When:  January 5th, 2020
Where:  U St NW
Start:  1:00pm
Ended:  3:00pm
In persons: Alfredo Gomez, Chris Allen, Daniel Jedzinak, Keith Manning, Patrick DiBattista
By phone:  E. Anne Laffoon
Approved by:  Allen, Jedzinak, Manning, DiBattista (1/7/2020 via text)  Laffoon and Gomez (1/18/2020 by email)

The board unanimously

  • approved a code of civility to be followed by anyone representing DC Rawhides in a volunteer or official capacity.  The intent is to ensure our behavior mirrors our values and to protect the group from liability.
  • approved expending revenue from the dance (as opposed to donations) to host an event to celebrate our volunteers.  We expect it will be held at the same location as the last such event and at a similar cost.

The board discussed

  • creating a list of new potential venues
  • articulating a plan for fundraising
  • finding a means to encourage new dancers to continue dancing with us

Country Western Dancing for all in the Washington, DC